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What started as a 20-acre space in 2018 has grown to a 240-acre property with over 75 unique species. And while the preserve itself has grown and evolved, the mission has remained the same—to protect and enhance the populations of vulnerable animal species


West Texas Wildlife Park began with a vision to grow into a conservation breeding center with a focus on hoof stock and avian species, and now houses roughly 75 different species and over 500 individual animals. 

We are passionate about providing a solution for endangered species, and the opportunity for people in our community to lend a helping hand in ensuring these beautiful animals find safety in our world once again.


Since 2018, West Texas Wildlife Preserve has stayed dedicated to sharing the wonder and importance of conservation, as well as the critical importance of the role of animals within our ecosystem.

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9186 Co Rd 432

Merkel, TX 79536

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